Saturday, August 27, 2011

About ME!!! Blog Assignment #1

        My name is Sarah Powell. I am Twenty two years old and I have been married for two years. I have lived in Alabama for most of my life but for four years I lived in Mississippi.One thing that is very important to me is my family. I have a very large family and we are all very close. God has blessed us so much. No matter what we are there for one another to help each other threw hard times. I have two sisters and they are both married with kids.
 After graduating from Magnolia Springs Baptist Academy I spent some time overseas. I went to South Africa and to the Philippines on missions trips so that  I could spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of these countries. This became my heart. When I returned home I began classes to get my credentials in ministry. When I became a certified minister I took a children's pastor position at a church. I am still a children's pastor today. I wanted to do even more with my life so I went to Bishop State to become a secondary math teacher. I decided to use this job as a way into countries that do not allow missionaries to minister freely. This is a very dangerous job and there is a chance that my husband and I could lose our lives. This is a risk that we are more than happy to take. We want to live our lives in such a way that people come to know Jesus as their personal savior and friend.
        My favorite thing to do is watch movies. There is nothing like cuddling up on the couch with a bucket of popcorn and a good movie. Before my best friend died we would get together and watch movies together and make cookies. This is probably one of my favorite memories about her. Some of my other favorite things are anything mint, coffee ice-cream, mashed potatoes, and my dog coco.

                                       Time Management

Randy Pausch's time management video was very informative. He spoke of how we must set goals for ourselves. He said that he gets up every morning and makes a to do list for the day, week, and semester.  Doing all of the things he suggested will defiantly give us less stress in our lives. He also talked about how procrastination is something that most Americans have to deal with. I personally always thought my mother was the worst procrastinator in the world but I guess that is not true. I would definitely suggest this video to every that I know especially my mother.

*I want to say a special thank you to Pamela Todd (Spring 2011) for Suggesting this this video to EDM 310.  

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  1. You have embarked on an interesting life!

    I hope your mother enjoys the video!

    What did you find out about Dr. Pausch - or did you look?