Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4K (November)

In week #10 I went to Ms. Yollis' class blog and read one of the Halloween stories that her students wrote. I was assigned to read The Sleeping Baby by Lexi. This little story was about how a little girl finds out that her grandmother is really a witch. I would tell you more but I want you to go to the link and read it for yourself. When I commented on her story I told her that it was a very cute story and that I liked it. I also told her that I liked how the baby in the story fell asleep and had to be woken up by an apple that had a spell on it.

In week #11 I went to Tauwhare K's blog and read her post called Jupiter. This post was a lovely story about her and her friends visiting Jupiter. In her story they encountered a monster that was so scary they ran from him. After they lost the creature they scared because they did not know their way back. One of the group members came up with a great idea to follow the footsteps in the dirt. After they got back to the ship they took off for home. At the conclusion of the story she woke up from her dream and went to school.

When I commented on her post I told her that her story was very sweet. I also told her that it was cool that she put descriptions of Jupiter in her story. I told her that it might have been a little easier to read if the letters where black. I also mentioned that she should read her post before she turns it in.

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