Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blog post #2

                                         students with computers
Video #1
I can remember when only few people had cell phones. I also remember how it made me feel so special when someone sent me a letter in the mail. Some people may also remember how it took forty-five minutes for the computer to come on and the computer itself was as big as the microwave. Times have changed and now technology is the foundation of our world. In our society today if you do not have a computer or a phone then you are out of the loop. The level of technology in your life and country represents how advanced and intelligent we are as a people.
            Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod's video, "Did You Know 3.0", reflects the fact that according to our country's level of advancement we are very low on the list for technology, education, as well as other advancements. The video that they created is to make people aware of how advanced we are as a country compared to everyone else. Their video is very effective at making people aware of our situation and making them want to change it. I would love it if we could be as advanced as other countries and on the cutting edge of technology; however, I do not want our country to become less personal and separated from each other because of technology. I believe that we could find a happy medium.

Video #2
           That was such a crazy video. This video was a slap in the face to our school districts that the world is speeding by them on the train to play a part in this world if we do not adequately prepare them for what is out there in the real world?

In Matthew Needlemen's Mr. Winkle Wakes, he shows us the truth about our schools being outdated and irrelevant. We need to fill our schools with the technology that they will see on at their future jobs. We also must train our teachers to use technology as a resources for their classes.

Video #3
                      Sir Ken Robinson's The Importance of Creativity, was my favorite video so far. He is very well rounded man and he is so funny. What he talked about makes a lot of sense. Schools are focused on filling our heads with a bunch of information, and if we are not that type of student then we fail. We should all be well rounded in how we live and learn. We should encourage schools to teach and train our whole bodies and not just our heads.
            Mr. Robinson  also made a great point when he said "we should not be afraid to fail." If we do not try new things because we are afraid to fail, then we will never do anything worthwhile. All great artists, musicians, and CEO's started at the bottom, and had to risk failure to get to the top. We have got to let our creativity reach out past what the world says is normal.

Video #4
                       Cecelia Gault carries herself in this interview with Sir Ken Robinson like she is an adult. Scholastic article It is very impressive how grown up she acts. Because of how she carried herself, it makes me want to believe what she says. She also asked really good and intelligent questions about how we can improve our schools.
             The key to improving our future and raising kids that have an excellent education like Cecelia Gault is teaching them. To teach them we, as the computer generation, must step up and lead the generations to come. The video talks about how all of us together make up our creative world. It is going to take all of us working together to improve our curriculum and many other things in our schools.

Video #5
              Vicki Davis: Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts
                    Vicki Davis and her video Harness Your Student's Digital Smarts, was about how she has used her students' love for technology to help them to learn. She is trying to show other teachers that we can use students' knowledge of technical things to teach other students and even their own teachers a few things. Ms. Davis also encourages them to research information that they do not know. Students do not just need to depend on their teachers to tell them everything they should know, but they should research their own.
              This is my kind of teacher. My whole career in school, my teachers could barely turn on a computer. Everything was so old fashion. Kids have so much technology around them and schools are punishing them from using it. I agree that kids should pay attention in school, but they would pay attention if the teachers would use something other than paper to teach with. You are not going to keep kids from using their phones in schools, so we should just use this to teach them.



  1. "I would love it if we could be as advanced as other countries and on the cutting edge of technology; however, I do not want our country to become less personal and separated from each other because of technology. I believe that we could find a happy medium." Hmmm....

    Interesting. Intelligent. Engaging. Very good! Thanks.

  2. I agree with you that recieving a letter in the mail is so much more personal and alot more exciting then a text message or email. I do hope that we can find a happy medium aswell. I really enjoyed your blog you are doing great, keep it up!

  3. On video five I agree with you about how Mrs. Davis was an amazing teacher, and I loved how she not only taught the students but they taught her.I do not agree though with kids using their phones because that is giving the kids freedom to not stay on task, but yes in a perfect world that would be great.