Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog post #3


Kelly W. Hines's It's Not About The Technology" really surprised me. It is not like most articles I have read about technolgy in schools. This article addresses the things that we must do before we can expect student and schools to change. I like this new look on an overdone topic. It reminds me of a Sunday school lesson that taught me to change myself if I wanted others to change.

I think that her four different ideas, to create a better learning environment without all of the technology, are well thought out and realistic. The only thing that I would have to disagree about is the part where she says that it is the teachers fault if the kids do not know the material. In some cases there are teachers who try everything to teach a child a particular thing and the child still does not know the material. This is why we can not say that it is ALWAYS the teachers fault.

Karl Fisch's Is It Okay To Be A Technologically Illiterate Teacher? was a very bold blog. He is definitely not the only person that is passionate about this topic either. The comments that I read were rooting him on. I can also say that I agree with him 100%. If our children are using computers to do homework, for fun, and even in their future jobs then we need to know how to use technology to benefit them in the classroom.

As a future teacher myself, I want to use whatever I can to tech my class the curriculum. This brings me to my next point. I was blown away by his Fisch's comment about how we should not teach a subject but we should teach students and we can not do that without technology. This is so true. We must teach our students using materials that are relevant for today and things that they have grown up learning. Kids are practically handed cell phones when they are born. They tweet that they need a diaper change instead of crying. Our kids know all about computers and everything to do with them. We are supposed to teach them so we should know even more than them.

Gary Hayes's Gary's Social Media Count is not very surprising. Everyday I drive by people on their phones or I see tones of people on their computers. It just lets you know that this world has changed in the way people communicate and live. Our world is moving forward every day. Evidence of this is how quickly new technology is created.

In this type of world we can either get on the train with everyone else or get left behind with eight track tapes. A question that we should ask ourselves is, should we be ashamed of the numbers on Gary's media count? I think that it shows how far we have come and how we have accepted this world future. No one knows where this technology train will tack us.

Michael Wesch's video A Vision of Students Today almost made me cry. I just want to say well done to the people that did this video. I loved it when a video has a purpose. This video shows the world that we can not continue to do things the way they have always been don. We have to make changes that will enhance our lives.

I can relate to most of the points that this video had. I have spent way too much money on books and some of my teachers just wright a tune of information on the board and they expect us just to scribble it down and remember it. I would rather have notes on line so that I can read them before class and be better prepared.

When you start collage people tell you that you should expect to be in debt when you get out and as a student you can not make much money so you have to live off of Ramen Noodles. We have to do something to improve a students chances of surviving collage.


  1. Sarah,
    You are a very interesting writer and made a lot of your points in a very interesting way! I was cracking up over some of your humorous statements, especially about children tweeting that they need a diaper change instead of crying, and your anecdote on college students and Ramen noodles! So true! It definitely kept my interest. You also added a lot of self-reflection that gave me, as the reader, more insight into your great personality and motivation to teach :)
    I would like to point out that you might consider using Microsoft Word to type up a draft of your blog post, as spell check might help with some of your errors like "collage" instead of "college", "don" instead of "done", and "wright a tune of information". These errors did not impede the understanding of the meaning of your sentences, but they were a bit confusing. This is no big problem. Microsoft Word, and also myself and the other lab assistants, can help! If you have any questions my contact into is in the syllabus and I will also be in the lab all of next week if you have any further questions!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Sarah, I really love reading your post and getting a chance to see how someone else feels about the videos and blogs we are assigned to read. You do a great job expressing yourself and breaking down the assignments. I most defiantly agree with everything you had to say with Mr. Fisch's blog. I do believe the post was very bold but not to hash in anyway. As teachers we should always be ten steps ahead of students. Now that technology has become such a big part of education I wish I would have been introduced to earlier in my education. Throughout my earlier years of education technology was not a tool that was used often I can honestly say that I feel that this has been something that has been a disadvantage to me when starting school here at south. Again I really have enjoyed keeping up with you post you are doing great. I hope you have a wonderful fifth week!