Friday, September 16, 2011

C4C comments on #2- #3

The classmate that I was assigned was Vicky Nelson. Vicky Nelson's blog We both agree that time management does not come naturally to either of us. Vicky is better than me because she is able to make a list of the things that she needs to do and she does it. I am still working on seating aside time everyday to do my work. We also agree that EDM310 is giving us a run for our money.

I also read that her father was almost diagnosed with cancer. My family has also had a run in with cancer. My grandfather died of cancer about two years ago. anyone dying from cancer is a tragedy.I hate that Randy Pausch died. He was a very intelligent man that contributed a lot to society.

This week when I went to Vicky Nelson's blog I saw comments on the ways podcasting can improve our classrooms. She made a great point that teachers can use podcasts for students that miss class. I agree completely that podcasts would be a great asset for make-up work and lectures. She also made a good point about how students could use the podcasts for more than just make-up, they could use them for their study habits. I think they could listen to the lectures multiple times and it would be a great way for them to retain the information. All and all her assessment of the article was correct in that this technology is useful for the classroom.

I also saw her comments about an article that described third graders using technology such as podcasts, blogs, and Skype. She was excited about the opportunity to use these things in her own classroom in the future. I share in her enthusiasm about this because I believe the sooner you can get kids turned on to technology, the better it will be on them later in life. She also went on to say that article she read opened her eyes to the ways she could use her iPod for studying. I think that it is great that she realized that because in actuality iPods are capable of so much more than what we use them for. Downloading and listening to music only pales in comparison to what they can do.

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