Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog post #6

a cartoon about a kid using a computer

          When watching Wendy Drexler's The Networked Student I saw and herd a lot of great information. I enjoyed how you created the video. I have never seen one done this way before. I also enjoyed the drawings of the little people. The way that you presented this information was the best way that it could have been done. If you would have tried to read every little point then people would have lost interest. This way people want to find out more for themselves.

         The story about the young boy is very relavent. You can describe one of my classses the same way. I think that the information and knowledge building tools could help any student with any subject. One of the most important parts about building your knowlege and your network is the people that you fill it with. We must open up and meet new people so that we can learn from others mistakes and knowledge. You are able to find wisdom everywhere and in everyone if you are willing to look.

           The part of the video that asked if a networking student even needs a teacher was a great ending to this video. It shows how there is still a need for teachers. The only thing that has changed is the way they teach. A teacher should not just give the dtudent everything and expect them to memorize the information. The Teacher should teach a student how to build their network, give guidance, communicate properly, distinguish between good and bad information, and so much more. All of these things are meant to help the student develop and maintain a helpful network.

           In the twenty-first century classroom, kids are using technology as a fun activity and a great learning tool. A 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment is a video of how kids are being taught to use there minds and creating their own learning environment. Their learning environment should be made of their teachers, parents, sources on the computer, and any other person that has more knowledge of their particular subject.

            If I compare her learning environment to my learning network we would see some similarities and differences. A PLE is all about learning new things and a PLN is all about expanding the group of people that you know so that you can have well rounded ideas and examples for your class or place of work. For instance, I will continue to build my PLN because I will use it when I teach to have a well rounded way of conveying my lessons to my class. I will use the information that I get from my network to better my class and way of teaching. I do think that a learning environment can turn into a learn network if the person continues to use it.


  1. As they say on Monday night football....Are You Ready? to be a 21st century educator?

    Well done.

  2. Sarah,
    I also enjoyed the way the video was made. The use of the little drawings kept my attention and focus. I also agree that a teacher should no longer lecture and force the students to memorize, instead they should help guide the student on their educational journey. I also agree with you that building a PLN can help us in our future endeavors as an educator.
    Great blog post,