Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog post #8

teacher teaching a class using a Smart Board and computers

Richard Miller's videos were enlightening. He helps you think about reading and writing differently, then you ever have before. If you really sit down and think about it, how much has society gone digital?! The ever growing technological era we live in now has changed the way we do just about everything, including learning. Who writes with pencil and paper anymore? Not many people do. The majority of reading and research comes from the internet in this day and time. Books have now also taken on new challengers in the form Kindles and iPads.

Miller suggests that all educators should learn how to read and write with multimedia. We may be coming upon a time when books become obsolete. In the next few years we are possibly all going to be teaching with computers and other technology. We also need to learn it well enough to be able to teach it to our students. He also realizes that theses changes will not take place over time. He proposes the idea of changes in increments.

I agree with his take on incremental change. I believe there is an importance to learn the ways of multimedia, but it should come about slowly, but surely. One of the incremental changes he mentions is writing things with a print based and at the same time it being written multimedia based. For example, you could have a version printed in a book, and you can have a version posted on a blog. One thing is for sure, our society is going to continue to grow technologically. We need to grow with the times like all the other professions do.

Carly Pugh's blog post #12 was awesome. I really enjoyed reading it. The links she provided really gave her post some life. Her post was very informative, but also entertaining. She made it to where it was very easy to follow and gave the desire to keep reading.  Her post exemplified Richard Miller's lecture "How to Write with Multimedia". Her post was filled with multimedia, but it was not complicated at all.

Carly really gives us an example of how to write with multimedia. Before I read her post I was not really sure how to put Richard Miller's lecture into practice in and effective manner. Carly provided me with the formula of how to not only do it, but how to do it effectively. I now look forward to working on similar projects because it seems like fun.

The primary message ofThe Chipper Series was to not only do your work, but keep up with it and meet deadlines. It also demonstrated the importance of applying yourself to learning. If you do not do your work, then you will want to drop the course which could send your life in a downward spiral. The primary message of EDM310 for Dummies was to show that this course is not as difficult as students make it out to be. Any student can pass this course if they apply themselves to the proper steps and practice.

I would like to make a video of kids enjoying math. People make math out to be so complicated and frustrating. I want to show people that math can be fun while learning it. Yes math is very technical and precise with no room for error, but once a student figures it out it becomes less of a drudgery. Math is in the real world in every aspect no matter the field, so students might as well learn how to enjoy it.

The video Learn to Change, Change to Learn was very thought provoking. The most interesting fact that I have heard in this class was on this video. The statistic released by the U.S. Department of Commerce was based on their study on 55 industry sectors and their respective level of IT intensiveness. The Education sector ranked 55th, which is even behind coal mining. That is just shocking.

The fact that technology is on an ongoing process of growth throughout the world means that the Education sector should be ranked number one in IT intensiveness. IF the real world is growing with technology, how can a student be prepared for real life without the growth of technology in their education? I agree that the education sector should be pushing for change.

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  1. Sarah,
    I agree with you on Miller's video. I feel like we should keep up with technology just like other professions. Like yourself I also enjoyed Carly's post. I think we should make a play list for our final, that way it could show what we really learned. Like the teachers in Learn to Change, Change to Learn, we should put technology into our students' education because technology is changing on a daily bases. Good work!