Friday, October 7, 2011

C4K Summary Post(September)

I have enjoyed getting to see real students use blogs, videos, PLN's, and wiki to learn more about the world around them. I have talked to several kids.

I commented on a class about how great their letters to Lucy were. The kids were writing letters to tell Lucy buffet how happy they were and thankful for their field trip and iPads.

I commented on Andrea's, post about where she wanted to go and why. She talked about how she wanted to visit Paris. In her post she talked about how shse wanted to see their museums and learn about their history. I told her how awesome her idea was and how I hope that she gets to go one day.

I also commented on Gina's blog. I watched a video that she made about the importance of a blog. She talked about how a blog is good for showing people what you are learning and so much more. I agreed with her and told her that a blog is also great for meeting new people and learning new things.

Getting to do these C4K have been a great opportunity to see how other teachers are using this technology to improve their classroom. I hope that I am able to learn more from them so that I can use all that I have learned in my classroom.

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