Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blog post #9

kids raising their hands to answer a question in their classroom

For Blog Post #9 I decided to go with Mr. McClung's What I've Learned This Year 2008-2009 and What I've Learned This Past Year 2009-2010. In his first blog from 2008-2009 I saw that every teacher has to start from scratch and learn that do student teaching is completely different from being responsible for a whole group of people for real. He talked about how teachers need to be patient with their students and not try to hold them to an unreachable standard. Two of my favorite things that he talked about were how he told us that we need to learn how to communicate. Mr. McClung said that communication is a teachers greatest resource. I believe with all of my heart that this is true. The other point that I liked was when he said that we need to continue to learn. He said that we are always trying to get our students to learn but we are not willing to learn.

The second post that I read was from 2009-2010. He learned even more from his second year of teaching. A few things that stuck out to me was his ability to change the way that he teaches so that he can make his class a place of learning. He talked about how he started off his history class by giving them busy work and he new that he was not acting like the kind of teacher that he wants to be. He that something had to change. That is when he research different ways of teaching and he put a plan together that would help the kids to learn. He also talked about how we must learn to love what we teach regardless if we like that subject or not. Think of inventive ways to get your students excited about learning. One really big thing that really caught my attention was that what we learn after we know it all is the most important thing. We have the ability to learn every day of our lives but we have to let ourselves realize it.Mr. McClung reminds me that we all have so mush work that is left to be done.

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