Wednesday, October 5, 2011

C4T comments #3-#4

I visited the blog of Mr. Chase and I read his post of Autodizactic. I can tell right away that he is a person that wants to make a difference in our schools. His blog post talked about how him and his team are working on changing K-12 grade libraries. He talked about wanting to challenge his team to come up with the best ideas possible. I am glad that he actually wants to take this position seriously. Someone needs to see the need for change in schools.

My second visit to Mr. Chase's blog I read about his theory about small schools are all around better learning institutions than large industrialized schools. He says that small schools help teachers function as a group better. He believes it allows them to plan together and focus on the same goal. He also suggests that they prevent any particular student from falling through the cracks because of the closer relationships with the teachers. He makes hints that he believes they should get rid of the larger schools and break them up into smaller schools for the benefit of he student and the teacher.

I responded to the post and said that I like his idea in theory, but would be to hard to pull it off. Funding would be a major obstacle. Government regulations on public education is a problem. But I do agree that smaller class settings would be more beneficial to students and their ability to learn. He has proven statistics that says smaller class settings produce higher graduation rates.

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  1. "...about how him and his team..." him should be he

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