Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blog Post #10

a teacher teaching

The video Do You Teach or Do You Educate was so great. This video blew me away because in just three minutes they summed up what a teacher should be. This video also talked about the difference between a teacher and an educator. A teacher is someone that feels a student with a lot of knowledge and then sends them on their way. An educator attempts to lights a passion for learning inside of all of their students.

I want to be a educator that my students will trust. I want to teach in a way that helps kids know that success is not out of their reach. I want my kids to know that even the hardest things are achievable with a little hard work. This is how all teachers should feel.


In the post Tom Johnson's Don't Let Them Take the Pencils Home there are two educators talking about how a student should not take their pencils home. This is, of course, has a deeper meaning than just pencils. Students might use supplies such as computers at school and how but that does not mean that all students will abuse those privileges. For instance if you want a child to do a project on the computer but you do not want them to just sit there and play you can do a few different things to avoid this. Give them an activity that involves a website that students their age uses. Yo can also monitor what their doing as they are working. One other option is putting a strict time schedule on when the assignment is due. This will encourage the students to stay on task.

Another thing that I saw in this post is how it pointed out how standardized testing does not give an accurate scoring of a students knowledge. In this post one of the characters was trying do base a decision on the scores from this one test by itself. The information from this teats should be backed up by more accurate tests.


  1. Well done!

    You got the metaphor. A large number of your classmates did not. Congratulations.

    Special Assignment #1

    Write a post about why we use metaphors. Give examples in history and literature and even EDM310. Due Sunday November 20, 2011.

  2. Hey Sarah!
    You did a great job on your post! I did not get the metaphor and feel a bit ignorant. You did a great job on both post. I really enjoyed the video it was so simple yet so powerful. Good luck with your future assignments.