Tuesday, November 1, 2011

C4k (october)

In week #1 I was assigned a random student which was student number 5. I saw pics of science lab equipment and I talked about how you must use them carefully and follow directions. This week I was also assigned 6th period #23 "Jaelynn". We talked about her liking science, talking, and her friends. I told her my favorit subject and how i also like to talk.

In week #2 Giselle's Blog , I read his post about why he likes to write. I incouraged him on how great writing is and how should write everything that comes to his mind.

In week #3 Ireland by Zapahanata I looked at Zapahanata's about his home and important buildings there. He had a video of him walking to those places. He created the pictures in the video. I told him that he was doing a great job and that the only advise I could give him is to make his video slower so that you could see his pictures better.

In week #4 I went to Mr McClung's class blog and commented on their October tenth post Creating a Timeline. I watched videos about creating a timeline using time toast. I talked about how I have used time toast in EDM310. I also talked about how it makes doing work fun.

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