Wednesday, November 9, 2011

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kids using computers


In the past blog posts, we have covered how we must introduce technology to young kids. This is still not good enough. Watch "A Vission of K-12 Students Today" by B. Nesbitt. What parts of this video stick out to you? Do you think that this type of education is out of reach? In your opinion, when should students begin to work with technology and be taught how it works? Follow the requirements in Writing A Quality Blog Post .

Reply To Blog Assignment

When I watched B. Nesbitts'video A Vission of K-12 Students Today I saw a lot of important points. One of things that stuck out to me was when the students talked about how long they spend watching TV, listening to iPods, reading, etc. I also saw how the kids said that they are expected to know how to do all of these things that are not taught to them in a classroom. They are learning them on their own. The kids also brought up a good point that if they learn by doing, what are they learning just sitting there?

I do not think that the teaching, that these kids need, is out of our reach. Teachers do to be inventive and use the tools that they have and the skills that students already have to create an environment of learning that encourages using technology. This type of teaching should start when kids first enter school. My nephew is only two and he knows how to change the channel on the TV, turn on the computer, play his little DS, and put a movie on to watch. If a kid can do so much before they enter school, than it should be possible for kids to begin using technology in the classroom when they start school.

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