Wednesday, November 9, 2011

C4K #10 (Part #1)

Exploring Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog was awesome. If someone is looking for a good example of a blog then this is the place to go. Mrs. Yollis has created a world for her class to learn and explore. She has partnered with different classes so that her class can be well rounded. This bridges the international barriers that exist between different cultures. Her kids are able to get feedback from kids around the world about their work and any questions that they might have about that person's country. Mrs. Yollis is the one that has made all of this possible for them. She also uses her blog to praise her kids for doing charitable thing and doing a great job on their work. This is one of the reasons that her blog has won so many awards.

Mrs. Yollis is also continuously learning new ways to use technology in her classroom. Unlike some teachers, she knows that she must continue to learn new things so that her teaching methods coincide with what the kids are experiencing outside the classroom.She even asks her students parents to give her ideas on things that she could improve or do differently.

One thing that makes Mrs. Yollis different is that she uses technology to make her classroom as big as she needs it to be. Her class extends across boarders and thousands of miles of ocean. She has not only made a difference in the students in her class, but students around the world. She is spreading her love and appreciation for technology around the world using her blog. Her blog has been viewed 71,972 times and EDM310's blog has been viewed by 48,816. These numbers represent 165 nations that have visited Mrs. Yollis' class blog. These numbers are very inspiring. Her blog is not just a place to talk about what her class is doing each week, but a doorway that the world needs to walk threw. This doorway leads to unlimited possibilities for future teachers and students around the world.

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